Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Vintage your Life

A few people message me earlier where to buy and what kind of watch I wore with the armcandies in my previous post. This is a vintage watch from Casio and so far, there are quite a few models of Casio vintage watches. As for the watch in my previous post, this is called the Casio Illuminator Databank or model  DBC611G-1. I like this because the strap looks like a bangle and does not loosen up when worn. It also includes a calculator (I use this everytime!) and it has a calendar feature too. FYI: It has an LED light so you can still see the time if it's dark. You can choose from different kind of models which will suit your personality but overall vintage is VINTAGE and I love vintage. =)

If you want to buy Casio Vintage watches and EBOOKS for affordable prices, there's an online shop for these in instagram with username @ebookshop  all are authentic and affordable.

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  1. Hello! I'm selling Casio Vintage Watches. You might be interested in getting other styles :)
    All are authentic and brand new at affordable prices.:)

    -Vintage Coco


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